Why Corn Syrup Worsens Diabetes

Why Corn Syrup Worsens Diabetes

If you're like most Americans, you consume 60 pounds of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) per year! Wow, that's a lot of a something that does your body no good at all and that potentially contains mercury.

How could you be consuming so much when you never add it to your foods? The answer is simple. It's added to beverages, packaged goods, and canned goods to sweeten them without your consent.

If a Food Starts From Bad Seed, It's Bad

High fructose corn syrup comes originally from corn. Corn is supposed to be a good food, right? Well, if corn is non-genetically modified, it's a good food, but over 90% of the corn in America is GMO corn. This fact now changes the picture of how a 'good' food has now become a bad one.

6 Reasons Why Diabetics Should Protect Themselves from HFCS

Diabetics should treat high fructose corn syrup as a demon with the biggest horns and pitchfoks you can ever imagine for these reasons:

1. HFCS is NOT Natural

High fructose corn syrup is a chemical. It may start out from corn, but the many different chemical reactions it goes through ends up creating a chemical, not a food. It is different from cane sugar, which is 50% fructose and 50% glucose. HFCS is 55% fructose and 45% glucose. HFCS is sweeter than sugar.

2. HFCS is Rapidly Absorbed Into Your Blood

Any sugar rapidly absorbed into your bloodstream means metabolic trouble. Once fructose travels through the bloodstream, it hits the liver and pancreas. This then triggers the release of large amounts of insulin which cause changes in metabolism, insulin resistance, weight changes towards obesity, and appetite changes. Diabetes, cancer and other degenerative diseases will occur next. And if you already have diabetes, it means you lose control over your blood sugar levels.

3. HFCS Will Give You a Fatty Liver

HFCS causes the storage of fats in the liver. Thus, HFCS can contribute to fatty liver disease, which is the accumulation of fat in the liver without even drinking a drop of alcohol. Fatty liver progresses to hepatitis and may progress to liver cancer.

4. No Energy During The Day? HFCS May Be the Cause

HFCS depletes your body of phosphorus normally used in the production of the major energy molecule ATP.

5. HFCS Causes Inflammation in the Gut

HFCS next causes holes in the intestine's membrane which leads to a condition called leaky gut. In this condition, some of the proteins you eat end up in the bloodstream. Here they are attacked by your immune system trying to protect you from them. Proteins should be digested before they enter the bloodstream. Thus, this causes inflammation and digestive symptoms.

6. Want Another Form of Arthritis?

HFCS consumption is linked to gouty arthritis, the production of crystals within the joints which are exceptionally painful. HFCS is simply not worth the risk to your health. Give it up. Go through your foods and if you spot HFCS on the label, discard it forever.