What's Missing From Your Multivitamin?

What's Missing From Your Multivitamin?

When you use nutritional supplements, you have to be careful not to disrupt natural balances of vitamins and minerals in the body. If a supplement provides you with 15 different vitamins and minerals, but your body needs 27 of them, then what happens to the 12 nutrients in your body that you did not consume in the multivitamin?

Some people may say nothing happens; you simply added levels of nutrients that were in the supplement to your body. They forget about the rest of nutrients, or simply don’t pay attention to what was missing in the supplement.

Here’s an example of what this means. Let’s say your supplement has calcium in it but lacks magnesium. When you consume the supplement, the calcium can only be absorbed in small amounts. The entire amount won’t be absorbed because it can't be absorbed. It’s missing the magnesium and possibly also the vitamin D and phosphorus that must be there for maximum absorption.

All About Excreting What You Take

When you take supplements, you’re supposed to excrete amounts that you do not need. Your body is brilliant in that it can selectively use what is needed and discard what is not.

You excrete more nutrients than is necessary for the simple reason that the amount of vitamins and minerals you consumed is unbalanced. In the calcium example, more calcium is excreted because the other absorbing factors are not present. 

The first way to start to understand what is supposed to be included in your multivitamin is to check out the B vitamin levels. It should contain all the B vitamins – B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, biotin, choline, inositol, and folic acid.

What 4 B Vitamins Are Usually Missing?

The four vitamins in the B complex that are usually not included are:

• Vitamin B5, pantothenic acid – This B vitamin is essential for your adrenal gland, which helps you when you are under stress. Some supplement manufacturers will add 1 mg or 10 mg pantothenic acid to the formulas but the higher amount you can get, the better. Just for your knowledge, some people take up to 2000 mg daily for certain stressful conditions, so you don’t need to worry about toxicity.

• Biotin – For some reason unknown to many of us, supplement manufacturers stopped putting enough biotin in their supplements. Many of them will only add 30 mcg biotin to multiples or B vitamins when in reality, a person needs 300 mcg of biotin per day.

• Choline – This B vitamin is essential for your liver and a deficiency can cause cirrhosis of the liver even if you don’t drink alcohol.

• Inositol – Inositol is especially important for your nervous system. The outer part of the nerve that includes the myelin sheath is dependent on inositol, as is your brain.

Choline and inositol don’t need specific amounts in the supplement; even a little bit of them will be enough for your body to be happy. Check your supplements today and see how yours rates.