3 Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight on Vacation

3 Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight on Vacation

Vacation is that time when we let our hair down, wear casual clothes, and explore new places. Even if we are in a place we've been before, we still try to sample something of the local culture, and more often than not it involves food. While a few treats during a getaway are to be expected, you don't want to ruin your otherwise healthy way of life by going overboard during your next trip.

Not only will you feel lousy about yourself, your newly tight clothes, and your heavier body, but you may also ruin the whole vacation by simply overindulging. Rather than risking any unnecessary struggles during your next vacation, use these three solid tips to avoid weight gain and still enjoy yourself.

1. Planning Always Pays

Think of it like this, you know you are going on a vacation, and so you already know that your eating may get a bit off track. Do a bit of research and plan for the few times you'll allow yourself to eat a few treats. For example, you have a visit to a vineyard planned, why not make that a day to try some unique foods and vintages? Maybe you are going to the coast and have rented a cottage…why not save your splurges for a few nights at the seafood place and not every day at the rental?

You can also plan ahead to remain on track with your fitness program. Do you walk three or four miles each day and do some strength training? Why not make sure you have created a time slot for that almost every day of vacation too. That way, if you get off track with eating, you can still burn up calories and combat weight gain.

Additionally, planning ahead like this may introduce you to opportunities you would not have known about. Going on a bike ride might bring you to a great natural park, or walking around town looking for a place to dine out might show you some real local gems.

2. Think Portions

While on vacation, you won't necessarily have much control over meals, options, and all of the rest. But that's okay. You can still prevent weight gain by thinking about portions. You already know rules about meats (servings the size of the palm), and how much fat or carbs you want to ingest each day.

Try to find ways of controlling portions even when you cannot control how much shows up on your plate at a restaurant or when you're being served by a host. You don't have to eat everything you're given, and yet you can still enjoy the amazing flavors and regional specialties through portion control. If you get a large portion while you're out to dinner, you can always save the other half for lunch the next day. 

3. Schedule

Finally, one great traveler's trick of the trade is to create a rigid eating schedule and make sure it can be followed. For example, you know you should eat every three to four hours. Pack small and satisfying snacks in your bag and eat even if you are not at a restaurant. This fills you up, keeps blood sugar under control, and prevents you from overeating when you do next sit down for a meal.


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You struggled to shed weight for vacation, now don't pack it all back on during your getaway!

Vacation is meant to be fun, but it is also meant to be healthy, use these three tips to avoid  holiday weight gain.