Top Tips for Fitness Motivation

Top Tips for Fitness Motivation

We all need to exercise, but everyone has different levels of motivation that are getting us to the gym or keeping us at home on the couch. If you feel your desire for going to the gym is waning, you must find a way to motivate yourself to keep working out. A healthy and consistent fitness routine will help you feel and look better forever. Here are eight ways you can increase your motivation for getting back on track:

1. Use the Buddy System

Sometimes going alone to the gym can be an excuse not to go. After all, no one is watching you so why not skip one day. The problem is that then that one day becomes two and three days and before you know it, your gym membership is money down the drain.

If you have a buddy who has a similar schedule to you, this will solve the problem. Now you may not have friends that are active but the fact is that you do have a world of new friends at the gym. Expand your friendships to include a few new ones, and notice who has a similar schedule. Any of these will most likely gladly be an exercise buddy for the purpose of making sure each other gets to the gym. Try it and see what happens.

2. Check Your Vitamin D Levels

Vitamin D deficiency can cause depression, which keeps you out of the gym. Ask your doctor to run a vitamin D test – or if your doctor won’t, order it for yourself at (Life Extension Foundation). You’ll perk up quickly and have more motivation for everything once your levels of vitamin D rise.

3. Check Your Lithium Levels

You don’t have to be bipolar to take the natural element and natural supplement called lithium. Lithium is critical for your nervous system, and many people are deficient in the natural element. The way to find out is through a hair analysis test. People living in the state of California are generally low due to the lack of lithium in the water and soil. On the other hand, people living in Washington and Texas have more than sufficient amounts and their water and soil is full of the natural element. A deficiency translates to lack of motivation for anything.

4. Put Your Gym Clothes On

If you’re dressed to go to the opera, you go to the opera. If you’re dressed to go to the gym, you’ll go to the gym.

5. Have An Accountability Partner You Call to Report Progress With

If you can’t find a Gym Buddy to go to the gym with, maybe you can find an accountability partner. This is someone you call daily to report your exercise activities; a nurturing type of person but at the same time, not someone who would accept excuses. Many people will say yes to this role.

6. Plan More Outdoor Activities

Getting outdoors more often reminds you how good it feels to be outside. You’ll become more active by default.

7. Improve Your Diet

Improving your diet provides more nutrients, which in turn affect how you feel and the decisions you make. You might start with something simple such as eating a one-quart bowl of salad daily.

8. Create a Plan of How You’ll Recover Quickly from Workouts

Sometimes people don’t go to the gym regularly because they fear pain. Their muscles hurt so much after working out that they can’t bring themselves to go. If you’re one of these people, what you really need is a solution for the soreness.

You might try 1000 mg vitamin C taken immediately after your workout and then two hours later. The vitamin C snatches up the lactic acid that accumulates in the muscles after working out.