The Pros and Cons of the Sugar Impact Diet

The Pros and Cons of the Sugar Impact Diet

The idea of the Sugar Impact Diet is not that the sugar in your diet itself is the biggest problem. Instead, it is focused on the effect that various sugars have.

Instead of using a glycemic index as a way of ranking carbohydrates, JJ Virgin, a bestselling author of several diet books, has created a new system measuring the impact of sugars in different foods. By identifying high, medium, and low sugar impact foods, and eating mainly the latter, it's possible to free yourself of sugar addiction and a variety of health problems.

How the Sugar Impact Diet works

Virgin does not recommend trying to give up all sugars at once. Instead, the diet program is designed to slowly reduce sugar consumption and retrain your tastebuds.

The initial stage is to take a sugar inventory and find out how much sugar is really in your present diet, then take measurements and set goals.

The diet is divided into a series of cycles. In "Taper," the first cycle, the focus is on removing foods with a high sugar impact.

In the second cycle, "Transition," the shift is from medium sugar impact foods to low sugar impact foods.  

The third and final cycle, "Transformation," is intended to be a sustainable eating plan.

When following this diet, you must give attention to proportions of different foods at each meal and the times at which you eat.


  • There is plenty of evidence that sugar is detrimental to health, so decreasing your sugar intake can be seen as a longterm investment in your health.
  • Taking measurements and setting goals is also sound advice, as you'll have a good starting point from which to gauge your progress.
  • If you are interested in reducing the amount of sugar you eat, this book has plenty of useful information and suggestions.
  • The plan has been designed in a practical way. Instead of listing only foods you can't eat, the book is full of suggestions on things you can have instead.
  • This helps avoid feelings of deprivation, therefore increasing your chance of sticking to the diet.
  • By avoiding sweet foods, the focus shifts to eating real, unprocessed foods, such as fruit and vegetables. This alone can dramatically improve your well-being and increase energy levels.


  • You might find that the structure of the diet cycles is confusing. You will have to put in time and effort to understand the setup of the program, start reading food labels, if you don't already, and plan your food swaps.
  • If you don't have much background knowledge about nutrition, parts of the book may be overwhelming.
  • For people who have longterm habits of eating a lot of sugary foods, this diet calls for some psychological shifts as well as a dietary overhaul. You may want to enlist extra support if you make these big changes.
  • There is a commercial tone to the program, with various supplements and diet bars being sold as part of the online resources. This is contradictory to the message of eating whole foods.

As with any diet, think about the pros and cons of the Sugar Impact Diet and decide whether you think it will work for you. It’s always a good idea to do more research on your own. Be sure to consult your healthcare provider before starting this weight loss program or any other.


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