The Hidden Sugar in Bread

The Hidden Sugar in Bread

Think that by choosing wheat bread you are making the healthy choice as far as your health and diabetes is concerned? If so, you might want to think again.If you stop and actually look at the ingredient listing on most wheat bread products, you'll come to quickly see that sugar is listed right there as a top ingredient. Some brands contain up to four grams of sugar per slice.

And, even if you happen to come across a variety that doesn't have sugar as a primary ingredient, make no mistake, the other ingredients listed will be in the form of very processed carbohydrates that will react in your body very much the same way sugar would.

So where does that leave you? What can you take for lunch or serve for breakfast instead of your usual wheat bread to get past this problem but still have something to eat?

Here are a few healthier alternatives.

Ezekiel Bread

The first great wheat bread alternative is another type of bread known as Ezekiel bread. This bread is prepared from sprouted grains and is far more dense and fiber-rich than even the most whole wheat varieties of bread.

It'll provide a higher protein content as well, further assisting with blood glucose regulation. It does have a slightly different taste to it compared to wheat bread that may take some getting used to, but most individuals will have no problem replacing this for their normal bread slices.

Rye Bread

The next bread to consider is rye bread. Rye bread will still often contain some sugar, but it's typically half or less than half of what you would find in regular whole wheat bread.

Additionally, it'll also provide more heart-healthy fiber as well, so this will also assist with blood glucose stabilization.

Whole Wheat Pitas

Another option if you're aiming to cut your sugar intake is to go for a whole wheat pita. These are less carb dense than regular bread is and the nice thing about them is that you can stuff them full of diced vegetables, boosting the fiber content of the meal in the process.

Most individuals are not getting enough fiber in their daily diet as it is, so this can really help out. If you choose a smaller sized pita, you can get one for around 100 calories, making it a lower calorie option than two slices of bread as well.


Finally, for those of you who really want to control your sugar - as well as carbohydrate intake, go for simple lettuce wraps. This will contain negligible calories and still allow you to wrap up whatever it is that you are preparing your sandwich with, so is the perfect solution for lunches to go.

Whether you choose to use head lettuce, kale, or butter leaf lettuce, you will be really minimizing your sugar consumption with this option.

So there you have some smart and delicious alternatives to regular wheat bread. Wheat bread is not only high in sugar, but many people also find it hard to stop after just one slice, providing even more reason to eliminate it from your diet plan.