The 5 Best Weight-Loss Apps for Your Smartphone

The 5 Best Weight-Loss Apps for Your Smartphone

If you own a smartphone, you probably use it to simplify many aspects of your life. Why not use apps to help you lose weight, too? Health and fitness apps offer awesome tools that are simple to use. Get started with these five powerful apps to support your weight-loss efforts.

1. ipiit

Known as The Food Ambassador, ipiit helps you stick to your diet by providing guidance about the ingredients in different foods. Maybe you want to try a gluten-free lifestyle or need to eliminate added sugars from your diet. Whatever your preferences, you can plug them into ipiit and get the information you need. This unique program:

  • Provides support for individuals who follow special diets or have celiac disease or food allergies.
  • Allows you to input specific food needs.
  • Scans bar codes to quickly retrieve product information.
  • Tells you whether foods fit within your diet parameters.

2. Noom Coach

Noom Coach is a powerful app that offers all-around support during your weight-loss journey. Noom Coach allows you to:

  • Plan workouts and meals.
  • Track your progress.
  • Learn what's working and isn't working.
  • Make changes to your diet and fitness routine to help you better meet your goals.

3. MyFitnessPal

Many folks who use calorie counting as a weight-loss strategy swear by this lightweight calorie-tracking tool. MyFitnessPal includes:

  • A database of more than 5 million foods.
  • Simple entry of foods and portions.
  • Tracking for daily meals and snacks.
  • A recipe counter to help you calculate calories and servings for homemade meals.
  • Syncing across the web and mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows devices.

4. The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App

Designed to help users get the most out of every minute, this app from J&J is incredibly popular. It includes:

  • A high-intensity interval training (HIIT) program.
  • 72 exercises and 22 workouts customizable to your specific needs.
  • Videos and animations that help you get your form right.
  • A smart-workout feature that keeps track of your progress and recommends when you should up your intensity.
  • Support for social sharing.

5. Fooducate

Dedicated to helping you eat better, Fooducate combines weight-loss tools with a dynamic community. This easy-to-use app offers:

  • A food database and built-in barcode scanner to locate products.
  • A health tracker that grades how well you eat.
  • A workout-tracking tool.
  • Healthy recipes.
  • A daily diet and fitness tip.
  • Motivation from an online community of other Fooducate users.

It's never a bad time to begin your weight-loss journey. If you're not sure where to start, download the apps that sound most interesting and give them a try. You're sure to find a few that inspire you to take the first step toward living a healthy lifestyle!


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