Tabata Training Can Help You Burn Fat Fast

Tabata Training Can Help You Burn Fat Fast

“Tabata training” is taking the fitness world by storm. The main reason why this new training method is transforming the way in which we work out is quite simple; it takes far less time to get astonishing results in terms of increased fitness levels, fat loss and muscle mass. Are you hooked yet? Read this article, give it a try and see the results for yourself.

What is Tabata training?

Tabata training is a block of four-minute high intensity workouts, which anyone can fit into their hectic lifestyle. In comparison, many people go to the gym and run on the treadmill for 45 minutes at steady state intensity, and unfortunately they will not achieve the results that Tabata can offer. Fundamentally, it is all to do with the high exercise intensity of the Tabata session, such as sprinting, which optimizes a vast amount of health and fitness benefits. You will definitely sweat your butt off and your heart rate will be near its maximum output, but this is the catalyst for many of the benefits associated with Tabata training.

The benefits of Tabata training

The Japanese sport scientist Dr. Tabata pioneered this training method. It is a very flexible training method and you can adjust the number of 4-minute blocks to suit your fitness levels and training goals. Research shows that Tabata training can increase testosterone and human growth hormone levels, improving the muscle’s capacity to use energy and boost the size of the muscle tissue.

Testosterone and the human growth hormone are both excellent fat burners and can help with the creation of new muscle tissue. Creating new muscle tissue is a solid platform for improving insulin sensitivity by increasing your muscle’s capacity to absorb glucose from the blood stream. This in turns stop the spiking of insulin and more of the blood glucose is stored or used as energy, instead of being stored as unwanted body fat. 

The After Burn Effect

There is evidence to suggest that after you stop your Tabata work out you will continue to burn fat up to 24 hours post exercise. This is called the ‘after burn effect’ and in conventional cardio it only exists for around an hour post exercise. Due to the high intensity of a Tabata work out the body needs to recover and repair properly, this occurs by raising your body temperature and subsequently additional calories are burnt.

Basic Tabata model

  • Each block of exercises is four minutes long
  • With 20 seconds of very high intensity exercise
  • Followed by 10 second rest intervals
  • With a total of 8 exercises in one round

Summary of Tabata training benefits

  • There is an increase in the body fat stores being used as energy
  • The skeletal muscles and liver absorb the glucose to be used as energy and it is not stored as fat
  • There is a more proficient control of insulin levels
  • There is an increase in the testosterone and human growth hormone levels. This aids fat burning, muscle tissue building and muscle preservation.