Soda Alternatives: Low-Sugar Drink Ideas

Soda Alternatives: Low-Sugar Drink Ideas

Many people are looking to quit the soda habit — and for good reason. Studies link soda consumption with obesity, diabetes and heart disease. The sugars and acids in soda also pose a risk to dental health, weakening tooth enamel and raising the risk of cavities. If you're trying to cut down on soda, try any of these low-sugar drinks as a tasty alternative.

1. Homemade Flavored Water

Some brands of flavored water contain nearly as much sugar as soda, but you can make your own healthy version. Add a few slices of orange or lemon to an iced glass of water to give it a refreshing citrus twist. Mint leaves and cucumber slices can also add interesting flavors to your drink, without adding excess sugar.

2. Green Tea

Green tea has a reputation as a healthy drink, as studies have identified possible connections between drinking green tea and a lower risk of cancer and heart disease. This healthy drink is free from sugar and calories and has only a small amount of caffeine. Prepare green tea by placing loose leaf tea or a green tea bag into a mug and pouring hot water over it. Once it has steeped, you can choose to drink it hot, or put it in the fridge for a few hours and enjoy it cold.

3. Vegetable Juice

Fruit juice is a possible alternative to soda, but it's still quite high in sugar. Vegetable juice is a less sugary alternative to fruit juice that's still bursting with flavor. You can buy vegetable juice in the grocery store, but why not make your own at home using a juicer? Add your favorite vegetables, along with a pinch of black pepper to give the drink an extra kick.

4. Milk

High in both calcium and protein, milk is a nutritious choice for people who are trying to cut down on soda. However, avoid flavored milks, which can be high in sugar. Instead, enjoy the natural taste of skim or non-fat milk whenever you need a tasty treat.

5. Milk Alternatives

If you can't have cow's milk, try soy or almond milk instead. Many of these milk alternatives are fortified with calcium and vitamin D, so you can get all the nutritional benefits of cow's milk. Rice milk and oat milk are also available if you want to experiment further.

Kicking the soda habit can be challenging. If you currently drink several cans of soda a day, begin by swapping one of them for a healthier choice. Gradually cut down your soda consumption until you are drinking it only as an occasional treat. There are plenty of low-sugar alternatives that you can enjoy in its place.


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