Proper Treatment for Nerve Pain

Proper Treatment for Nerve Pain

When your leg suddenly feels numb for no apparent reason or you are feeling electric sensations shooting down your arm or leg, it’s very disconcerting! These are two of the symptoms that indicate there are problems within the nerves. Nerve issues are common among diabetics and many other people.

The other four common nerve symptoms are:

• Feeling that there are ants crawling on any part of your body

• Pain in your body

• Hot or cold sensations in a body part

• Your arm or leg feels dead

• Loss of strength in an arm or leg

If you have the feeling that ants are crawling, you might even try to slap the ants off your arm and then discover there aren’t any! You might even begin thinking you are a bit crazy!

It’s similar for the hot or cold sensations. And the loss of strength always makes someone feel that they are old before their time.

All these symptoms are cries out from your nerves to get help. And it’s a good thing that you do get these clues because a nerve that is being compressed or dying can only withstand so much stress before the function of the nerve is gone forever.

You may not have considered it before, but seeing a chiropractor is the best option. Chiropractors now have new and improved ways of dealing with nerves that are crying out for pain. They have complete programs to eliminate peripheral neuropathy, which is when the nerves in diabetics are ‘withering away’ and start causing these distressing symptoms.

Chiropractors are the experts for musculoskeletal disorders anyway. They are trained on the topic for three times as many hours as any medical doctor is. They specialize in how to use spinal adjustments to turn nerve cries off because a spinal adjustment can immediately relieve the compression on a nerve.

Over a short period of time, the nerve then can regain its strength and function – and it responds by turning off the symptoms.

Metformin, the #1 diabetic medication, has been found in the research studies to cause peripheral neuropathy. Thus, you have to do something to get the nerve function back, and restore it.

Chiropractors use cold laser therapy, ultrasound and electrical therapies that work well to regenerate the body’s ability to heal nerves. Check it out with your local chiropractor that specifically has a peripheral neuropathy program of care. If he doesn’t, search around until you find one. This is a specific area of chiropractic that needs a little extra training.

Remember, the nerve signs are your body’s cry for help. Nerve function can be destroyed over time if the nerve is under constant stress. If you have any of those nerve symptoms, don’t wait. Do something about it as soon as possible.