Lose 10 Pounds Without Trying

Lose 10 Pounds Without Trying

Need to lose 10 pounds fast and yet you want to do it in a healthy way? There are many solutions. Here are three ways you can start the process and get ready for that wedding or special event as soon as possible!

1. The Pig-Out Method

Of course, pigging out will not get you to lose weight! However, it’s controlled pigging out that does the trick. For two days prior to your diet, eat more carbohydrates and fats than you normally do. Then cut way back on your calories to 600 or 800 calories. The weight starts to come off one pound a day.

During the next month, you’ll see great progress with your weight loss. The reason why this method works is because it allows you to get through the most difficult time of a diet – the first week. Your blood fats will be higher after the pigging out – and your body uses these fats preferentially to keep you going without hunger.

It is said that your body won’t convert over to burning fat for at least four days on a diet, and up to 10 days sometimes. This is why some people don’t lose the weight – their metabolic pathways haven’t jumped the biochemical track from storing fat to burning it.

2. The Intermittent Fasting Method

In this method, you simply change the time of the day that you eat. In the morning, you don’t eat breakfast out of habit. Instead, you wait until you are very hungry to eat. What this does, is it forces your body to clear the blood of your high blood sugar levels, which prevent weight loss.

Then at night you stop eating after 6 pm, no matter what. What this intermittent fasting method does, is it extends the amount of time that you go hungry – and all this down time resets your hunger.

You’ll start to see a steady decline of weight with this method. Generally about a half pound to one pound lost each day is common.

3. The Juice Fast

The juice fast isn’t eating regular meals one day and then switching to juices the next. There’s a transition time for about a week. The week before, you’ll begin to remove foods from your diet such as caffeine, sugar, and wheat. You’ll up your vegetable composition, too.

Then you’ll drink 3 to 4 twelve to 16 ounce glasses of fresh vegetable juices instead of eating your meals. You’ll drink water in between these juices. It’s easy from  the standpoint of no meal preparation if you work with a juice company and order their juices ready to go. Otherwise, you’ll be spending the usual prep and cook time making meals juicing and grocery shopping for the large amounts of fresh produce.

With this method, you can expect to lose at least 10 pounds in a few weeks. Some people continue the Juice Fast for 30 days and reset their metabolism, reduce their blood sugar and blood pressure, and feel and look a lot healthier.

You might even decide to try a few of these methods. For example, you might start out with the Pigging Out method for three weeks. Then move into the intermittent fasting method for 3 weeks and finally go into the juice fast for another 2 weeks. That’s a total of 8 weeks – and your 10 pounds was lost early in the process.