Prediabetes Solutions: How Will You Achieve a Healthier Lifestyle?

Prediabetes Solutions: How Will You Achieve a Healthier Lifestyle?

If you've been diagnosed with prediabetes, thoughts about relatives or friends who suffered from diabetes may come to mind. Don't fret. You can likely avoid full-blown diabetes by effectively managing your prediabetic condition. When you get a diagnosis of prediabetes, you have to take action and do something. You can’t just go on with life as usual. Learn about multiple options and develop a plan for maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Here are some recommended solutions for prediabetes from both the conventional medical world and the natural healing world.

Standard medical recommendations for prediabetes

The medical solution will depend on your doctor’s philosophy of what to do with you. With prediabetes, your blood sugar is at or above 100 mg/dl. Some doctors will want to treat you right away with Metformin or other blood sugar medications. Others will tell you to work on your diet and exercise first, and come back in two to three months. If your blood sugar is still at 100 mg/dl or greater, then you will likely get a prescription for a blood sugar controlling medication like Metformin.

Metformin does effectively lower your blood sugar. It may seem like an easy solution, but it is not without side effects. It can cause a taste of metal in the mouth, stomach upset or weakness, and other reactions. Over time, it may deplete your body of vitamin B12, which can cause the feeling of numbness in your feet, which then will interfere with your ability to drive a car safely.

Many people take Metformin and either don’t have the side effects – or they deal with them. But they also could have blood sugar levels that don’t respond well to medication. Usually, this doesn’t happen until someone already has diabetes, but it may happen during the prediabetes phase.

Your doctor may send you to a dietitian to learn how to make better food choices and to a nurse where you can learn how to monitor your blood sugar levels. Learning blood sugar control helps you see that certain things you are doing are impacting you in real time. For example, you eat a good healthy meal but have a sweetened drink. An hour later your blood sugar has skyrocketed. You know then that something in the meal is the culprit.

Natural healing options for prediabetes

Natural healing takes a more global look at what’s happening when you have prediabetes. Your primary care physician may recommend healthy lifestyle changes you can make, or you can seek the help of a professional alternative healing specialist. It's also possible to do some research and make healthy changes on your own. What are you eating that is contributing to the problem? If you are consuming lots of sugary processed foods, then it’s time to change your diet. This is most easily done one step at a time. For example, this week, you cut out sweetened beverages. Next week, you clean out the sugar, cookies, cakes and desserts. The following week, you start eating more vegetables.

A natural approach to prediabetes must also address lifestyle habits, although a standard medical doctor will most likely cover these issues as well. Are you smoking or drinking alcoholic drinks? These affect your blood sugar levels negatively. Are you exercising? Every diabetic and person with prediabetes will have to begin exercising, even if it’s only a 10-minute walk after a meal. 

Herbs may also be used for pre-diabetes. For example, taking bitter melon capsules with meals can effectively lower blood sugar levels. If you want to use herbs, be sure to seek out the advice of a professional herbalist who can supervise your progress and prescribe proper dosages. The catch is that this type of medical care is not likely to be covered by your health insurance.

The other drawback of the natural healing methods is that they are ones you will have to put the most effort into. You have to actually get out there and exercise, change your eating and cooking habits and stop smoking. The upside is that you can reinvent yourself to a healthier you – and start to feel and look better in as little as a week. Yes, it’s hard at first, but it’s also very rewarding.

Whatever you do, do something. Don’t let prediabetes progress to become type-2 diabetes.