5 Steps You Should Take For the Best Workout

5 Steps You Should Take For the Best Workout

The motivation is there. There work is there. But after spending plenty of time in the gym, you are not seeing the results that you hoped for. There are many reasons that your body is not reacting the way you expected – perhaps you are doing the wrong exercises, or even ruining the positive effects of the workout with poor eating habits later on. No matter the reason, you want to see results come from all of the hard work.

There are many things that could be going wrong, and some things that you could be doing better. Try and identify if the issue is coming from habits outside the gym. And follow these steps to get the most out of your workout.

1 Head out with a plan

If you hit the gym without a sense of what you are trying to accomplish that day, chances are you will not accomplish much. If your focus is on cardio, set a mileage or time goal and reach that goal before you leave the gym. If you come wanting to work out your chest, plan out your chest exercises before you get there so you have a focused workout. Too often people head to the gym without knowing what they want to do and they end up using a few machines without focusing on any particular muscles and then leave early. Setting a routine will help make this easier as well. There is no point in going to the gym if you are only going to work out halfheartedly.

2. Fuel your body

You generally don’t want to be hitting the gym on an empty stomach. Your body needs fuel to keep it running through an intense workout. If you are trying to build muscle, protein – either in the form of a shake or naturally in food – is extremely important for your muscles to rebuild. Protein is key to getting results from a workout. For more intense gym rats, supplements will be a great aid to your workout. Do some research and talk to a professional to determine which supplements are right for your regimen.

3. Pick something you enjoy

If you want to get the most out of your workout, choose exercises that you enjoy. Not only will you be more motivated to go to the gym, you will work harder and longer if you are having fun and don’t view it as a chore. Chances are you won’t give 110% if you dislike what you are doing.

4. Hydrate

Drinking enough to properly hydrate your body is essential to getting the most out of your workout.  If you want to be in peak form for your workout, you need to be hydrated. Start drinking well before your workout as it takes a few hours for the body to absorb the water.

5. Don’t stagnate

If you stick to the same routine for too long, your body will adjust and it won’t be nearly as effective as when you first started. Switch it up every once in a while to keep your body working hard.