How Much Juice Is Too Much Juice?

How Much Juice Is Too Much Juice?

By now it’s common knowledge that soda is bad for you. With no nutritional value, besides a possible boost of caffeine, soda is just a source for additional, unneeded sugar in your diet. Having excess sugar in your diet is a recipe for trouble, with countless health risks associated with too much of the sweet substance. So should satisfyingly sweet fruit juices be replacing soda in your beverage repertoire? 

The thought of drinking a product made from “100% real fruit juice” sounds like an exciting and healthy alternative to soda. However, fruit juice and soda contain around the same amount of fructose, levels that far exceed a healthy quantity. In this article, we explore the not-so-sweet truth about fruit juice.

Comparisons of Juices and Sodas

It may surprise you to hear some of these comparisons, but the levels of fructose in these sugary beverages is nothing but shocking. With 65.8g of fructose per liter, Minute Made 100% apple juice has more sugar per liter than Pepsi or Coca-Cola. Ocean Spray 100% cranberry juice may not seem as sweet as some of the other options out there, but it contains 55.4g of fructose per liter compared to 7-Up, which has 9.6g less.  

Go Whole Fruits, or at Least Have Pulp

So if you’re not helping yourself cut back on sugar by having fruit juice instead, is there any real point in making the switch, as far as sugar is concerned? Unless the fruit juice has pulp, there is essentially no difference in getting the sugar from juice or soda.

Having pulp can make significant difference in the degree to which sugar affects your blood sugar. Pulp is basically the natural fruit fiber. This is crucial when it comes to avoiding spikes in blood sugar. Fiber slows the absorption of the fruit’s fructose into the bloodstream, giving the body ample chance to recover from the influx of sugar that comes from drinking fruit juice.

For this reason, the more fruit fiber that you have, the better. As you can imagine, the best way to get the sweetness of fruit with adequate fiber to help handle all of that sugar in your system is to simply eat a whole fruit. If you must have a sweet fruity drink, though, try to have one rich in pulp or other fiber.