How Giving Up Sugar Can Revolutionize Your Lifestyle

How Giving Up Sugar Can Revolutionize Your Lifestyle

You've probably heard about one of the trendy new food fads — giving up sugar. However, unlike a lot of food crazes, making this dietary change can give you a breadth of noticeable results across various aspects of your lifestyle, and there's science to back it up. Here are the ways in which giving up sugar can change your life for the better.

Energy revolution

During the first few days of your sugar fast, you might feel more tired, irritable and prone to headaches. However, it's necessary to push through these rough few days to get rid of these symptoms for good. Sugar acts exactly like a drug, so your body needs to go through a withdrawal period. Once you've gone a week or two without sugar, you'll see your energy levels rise to heights they never reached when you were indulging your sweet tooth.

You'll see higher performance levels, enthusiasm and more drive to go after what you want in life due to increased energy and a sharper memory. It'll be easier to wake up in the morning, and you'll have more energy to work out, hang out with friends and live life to the fullest. And if you were prone to anxiety before you gave up sugar, you'll see a much-desired reduction in anxious feelings after a few weeks without the sweetener.

Health revolution

When you can't eat sweets, cereal or other processed, sugary snacks, you'll gravitate more toward wholesome, natural foods that are better for your body. For dessert, perhaps you'll pick up a banana, and instead of soda, you might opt for homemade watermelon juice. All these changes mean that more nutrients and less bad things go into your body, and this isn't just speculation or hearsay.

There have been numerous studies of people who have given up sugar, and reductions in blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol are common. This is because of sugar's drug-like nature: Once you have a little bit, you crave more. Once your body isn't addicted to sugar anymore, you'll stop craving those foods that are bad for you, which makes it easier and more natural to eat healthily. You'll also get rid of any risk of diabetes.

Body image revolution

You might have guessed it after reading all the other benefits of giving up sugar, but yes, you'll lose weight. More energy means that you're more active and more likely to hit the gym, and when combined with the calorie-filled, sugary baked goods you're avoiding, this will have a real, noticeable and positive effect on your body. If you've been wanting to jump-start weight loss forever but nothing seems to work, perhaps the extra energy and diet change is the push you need to get on your weight-loss journey. As a bonus, your skinnier, sugarless self will also see any acne problems vanish.

Don't believe us? Just give it a try. People around the world have given up sugar for one month and seen the benefits.

If you do this, and you reintroduced sugar to your system, some of the negative lifestyle aspects will creep back. You'll start to feel more lethargic and anxious, and if you reintroduce sugar into your diet permanently, the extra pounds will come back, and all those great numbers you saw at your last doctor's exam will disappear. So go ahead; give up sugar and experience the revolution.



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