6 Helpful Diabetic Cooking Resources

6 Helpful Diabetic Cooking Resources

Taking control of your blood sugar levels is tough when dealing with diabetes. Eating just a few too many carbs can put you over your target number, and forgetting to eat leaves your sugar dropping too low. With the right tools, keeping up with carbs doesn't have to take all day and be a major chore. Here are a few of the top tools out there that can help you get your sugar under control.

Apps that help you track

Smartphones have revolutionized diabetes management with easy tracking and logs available through the app store. Some of the best trackers out there are available on both iOS and Android, making them available for download on the vast majority of smartphones.

  • Diabetes Logbook: This easy to use app makes tracking your sugar quick and easy. It has a user-friendly interface and turns tracking into a game, making it both fun and convenient to use.
  • Diabetik: With pre-programmed reminders to let you know when to take your meds, this app offers a clean and easy-to-use interface with easy-to-navigate menus.

Web tools for diabetics

When planning meals, understanding the nutrition behind a filling plate is an essential part of cooking diabetic-friendly foods. To keep up with nutrition trends and learn how to make healthy meals that stay under your carb allowance, check out these sites:

  • MedlinePlus: This site from the National Institute of Health puts a lot of resources in one place so you don't have to look too far for them. Diabetics can get basic eating tips and more in-depth information about planning a day's meals.
  • Mayo Clinic: With a wealth of health information, Mayo Clinic has pages devoted entirely to diabetes. Check out sample meal plans, and total health information that can help keep your blood sugar under control.

Best cookbooks and recipe resources

When trying to change the way you cook, it can be tough to translate existing recipes. These books and magazines offer a lot of help and options for updating traditional recipes and putting together some brand new flavors.

  • Cooking Light: This magazine has both a print and online version that make finding easy and flavorful low-sugar recipes quick and easy.
  • All Recipes: With hundreds of thousands of recipes available, it is easy to sort through all the options using search filters like the meal, type of protein, or other ingredients.

Keep track and get diabetes under control

By tracking what you eat and when you eat it, you can get a better idea of what foods push up your sugar levels. Remember, always keep track of what you eat and how often you eat to get the best idea of how your diet plan is working.


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