Healthy Coffee Alternatives

Healthy Coffee Alternatives

In America, it has been reported that over half of the population indulge in a cup of coffee at least once a day. Although caffeine does provide energy, many people are unaware of the negative side effects that tag along with it. Some common side effects range from caffeine dependency and dehydration to higher cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Not only that but the average American spends approximately $21 per week on coffee, which is about $1,100 per year. So if you want to improve your health and relieve your wallet, here are some natural ways to gain lasting energy.

1. Walking

Moderate walking is a great way to boost your energy because of its low intensity. This will prevent you from depleting your body, and help you to avoid feeling fatigued, which would otherwise prevent you from getting the maximum long lasting energy benefits. Try walking for 10-15 minutes per day to see lasting results.

2. Drinking water

Another great way to boost your energy levels in the morning is to chug two glasses of warm water as soon as you wake up. It has been proven to give a better start to the day and it makes sense. We are made up of over 70% water and when we first wake up most of our body systems are nonoperational. Since the body systems operate on water, when we provide them with it in a balanced amount, we can literally jump-start our day.

3. Herbs

One of the best ways to add energy to any diet is with the use of herbs. The top herbs for energy are Siberian ginseng, gingko, ashwagandha, astragalus, and nettles. Green tea is great for energy as well however it is highly caffeinated resulting in dehydration. The best ways to prepare these herbs are either in tea or overnight infusions. The ginseng, ashwagandha, and astragalus are all roots and should be dried and chopped when used for tea.

4.  Eliminate refined sugars/flours and additives from your diet

Refined sugars and flours are bleached and overall lack nutritional value. By switching to an unrefined and more balanced diet, you will notice your energy levels rise drastically. A lot of foods we eat today are filled with refined grains and additives that cause a decrease in energy due to the lack of nutrition they give to the body.  When you start to take charge of what you eat and begin to understand your body more you will discover many positive changes to your energy levels. Over time, you will discover that the struggle to get out of bed decreases drastically with your persistence to bettering your overall diet and wellbeing.