Go Paleo to Control Blood Sugar

Go Paleo to Control Blood Sugar

If you're hoping to optimize your blood sugar control, one type of diet that you may want to strongly consider utilizing is the Paleo diet approach. If you've been doing any reading in the diet industry lately about various diet plans, you'll notice that this one has really started to catch on.

Let's walk you through what the Paleo diet plan is all about and why it is very good if your focus is on maximum blood sugar control.

The Premise Of The Paleo Diet

The idea behind the Paleo Diet plan is that you will adopt a style of eating that's very similar to how our ancestors used to eat years back. This diet has you focusing on plenty of lean proteins from animals, a high intake of healthy fats from olive oils, fatty meats and fish, along with avocados, and in addition to that, a very high consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. Because of this style of eating, you'll typically only take in around 50-120 grams of carbohydrates per day depending on how much fruit you eat.

Sweet potatoes are often permitted, but other than that, all other forms of grains are to be omitted on this diet plan. You are also to avoid dairy products along with any sort of wheat based foods as well.

Basically if it wasn't available back in the caveman days, you should pass on it today. Users of this protocol firmly believe that it is because of all the changes to eating style that western society has made in this day and age that we are so riddled with health concerns.

Why It Helps

So how will this diet help with blood glucose control? It'll help you control your blood sugar levels because of the fact it's going to have a rich combination of proteins with healthy fats along with fiber.

Together, these are the three top nutrients that will help you boost blood sugar control because they break down so slowly in the body and will not release a huge dose of sugar into the blood stream like the grains and sugary carbohydrates that are restricted by this diet.

Overall, the diet isn't entirely 'low carb' by nature - it does contain some carbohydrates from the fruits you'll take in, but it's not nearly as high in carb as the traditional diet is today.

Other Added Benefits

Furthermore, because this diet has you eating such healthy foods in their most natural state, you will also reap a number of other additional benefits as well. You'll fend off disease thanks to a high intake of free radicals, prevent heart disease thanks to a high intake of healthy fats, and you’ll also combat depression due to a high volume of omegas coming in through the fish consumed in the diet plan.

Overall, it is quite possibly one of the healthier diet varieties out there.

Just one word of caution, if you are highly active individual, you may need to make sure you are eating enough sweet potatoes or consider adding a few wholesome grains back in such as brown rice or quinoa. You may find the diet doesn't supply enough energy to sustain more intense workouts, so just keep this in mind.

Otherwise, the Paleo diet plan is an excellent choice for anyone with diabetes.