13 Foods With Shockingly High Glycemic Indexes

13 Foods With Shockingly High Glycemic Indexes

If you’ve heard about the Glycemic Index, you may already know that it’s a scoring system for carbohydrate foods from 0 to 100. The higher up you go on the scoring system, the faster the food releases its sugar into the bloodstream, causing high blood sugar levels.

When you have consistently high blood sugar levels, the body is creating diabetes. The key is to eat in such a way that you are able to keep blood sugar levels within normal.

Diabetes is a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism. Thus, whatever carbohydrates you eat must be carefully chosen. Also, the amount of carbohydrates eaten during the day cannot be excessive; otherwise, blood sugar levels worsen.

The Glycemic Index breaks down foods into categories: low Glycemic Index foods, medium Glycemic Index foods, and high Glycemic Index (GI) foods. Low GI foods are rated 0 to 55; medium GI foods are rated 56-69, and high GI foods are rated 70 and above. You always want to avoid high GI foods, whether you are a diabetic or not.

Here’s a list of foods that you should be especially wary about eating:

1. Wheat Bread

The GI of White bread made from wheat flour can be up to 75; whole wheat bread is 75. The most likely reason for this high GI is because the wheat is genetically modified.

2. Corn flakes

This popular cereal has a GI of 81. Corn is another genetically modified grain so there’s no surprise here.

3. Cream of rice cereal

Rice cereal has a GI of around 78. This one could be a little startling to those who think rice is one of the safest grains on the market. Much of the rice on the market, unfortunately, is GMO.

4. Instant mashed potatoes

Dehydrated ready-made mashed potatoes have a glycemic index of around 87. Fake mashed potatoes can only be bad for you and the Glycemic Index here proves it.

5. Deep-fried donuts 

Fried donuts made from wheat flour have a GI of about 75. More evidence that GMO flour, unfortunately in over 98% of our wheat products, is responsible for the visceral fat you can’t get rid of.

6. Popcorn 

A GI of 65 for popcorn makes it a medium GI food, meaning it’s not in the high category. The thing to remember about popcorn is you can actually eat a lot without having much to worry about. Three cups of popped kernels is one serving size.

7. Rice milk

The GI of rice milk in the US is around 86; in Australia, it’s 92. Rice is likely to be the next grain revealed as unhealthy in the mainstream media, similar to the expose about wheat grains the Wheat Belly book. Because rice milk is often made from GMO rice, it is proving itself here with the Glycemic index of up to 92 to be damaging to the body.

8. Rice crackers

These popular snacks have a GI of up to 87.  This one is no surprise as we are seeing that GMO rice and GMO wheat are both far too high in he glycemic index.

9. Glucose

Glucose has a shockingly high GI of 103. You don’t add straight glucose to your foods at home, but the food manufacturing companies do. Be sure to read the labels!

10. Gluten-free (Buckwheat) pancake mix

This gluten free breakfast favorite has an ultra high GI of 102. This is the most surprising GI of all because buckwheat is not genetically modified yet. Still, what most likely happened is that the mix wasn’t pure buckwheat flour, and probably diluted with wheat flour.

11. Gatorade

Your favorite sports drink has a fairly high GI of 78. When you think your thirst is unquenchable after a long run or workout, it's advisable that you go with flavored water instead. 

12. Barley flour bread

This wheat bread alternative has a GI ranging from 74 to 85, depending on the country where it’s made. (Italy is the worst.)

13. English muffins

These common breakfast muffins have a GI of 77. Again, we see the same pattern of GMO wheat causing high Glycemic Indexes of foods

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