Everyday Chores that Build Strength Outside of the Gym

Everyday Chores that Build Strength Outside of the Gym

Getting stronger is a goal of many consistent gym rats. And while there, strength training is their main focus, with plenty of different workout options for them to choose from. But strength training should not begin and end at the gym. There are plenty of things that people can do outside of the gym to build their strength and stay in shape.

With a little bit of effort and ingenuity, you can turn your daily routine into an excellent strength workout. While putting in hours at the gym is great and will get you results, it is even better to get those results after finishing your daily routine. Next time you are out running errands or are stuck at work and too busy to make it to the gym, try out these simple strength workouts that you can do in your everyday life. Let the outside world become your own private gym.

1. Laundry day

If you are like many Americans, you let laundry pile up as high as possible before you make your move to wash it. And when the laundry piles up, it tends to get pretty heavy. Carrying laundry up and down a few flights of stairs can burn a ton of calories and can help build muscle. If you live in a city and don’t have a washer and dryer in your home, you may even have to carry your laundry out of the house to a laundromat. Some see it as a hassle, but the strength trainers see it as an opportunity for extra work out! You can deadlift the laundry basket on to the washer to feel a little more burn.

2. Yardwork

When your yard starts to look a little unkempt, don’t look at it as a nuisance to go out and clean it up – look at it as an opportunity to build some strength. Raking leaves is a great upper body workout, and after a long day or raking you’ll feel it in your lats, triceps, traps, and forearms. And picking up the heavy bag of leaves is also great to build strength – just be sure to lift with your legs so you do not hurt your back.

3. Winter workout

A long driveway covered in a foot of snow can seem like a daunting task, but it is also an opportunity to build muscles. Shoveling snow can be hard, laborious work, but you’ll burn a ton of calories and work out every muscle you can imagine, from your arms to your back to your legs. As with the leaves, be careful as to not hurt your back with improper lifting technique.

4. Take out the trash

Trash day is not only great from ridding your house of old, smelly garbage. It is also a prime opportunity to work out your arms at home. Lifting the trash bins and bringing them out to the curb is a great arm workout.

While these household chores may seem like a hassle, consider the hidden health benefits behind them. You may not mind these chores as much anymore.