Easy Exercises to Do at the Office

Easy Exercises to Do at the Office

We all want to be able to go the gym every day. By this point, we know how important a healthy lifestyle is to a long life. But often, our work schedules just do not allow for regular gym attendance. After a long day at the office and precious little time to sleep before you wake up and do it all again, we need to find creative ways to get a little exercise.

Since you are going to be in the office all day, you may as well use it as a gym. There are some simple exercises you can do while at your desk or in the office that will help you avoid putting on the pounds. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to a ballooning waistline before you know it. Next time you are in the office and pressed for time, try out these office exercises to burn some calories.

1. Take the stairs 

The easiest way to burn some calories without getting some perplexed looks in the office for working out is to take the stairs instead of the elevator if possible. You’ll be able to stretch your legs out and get in some cardio that you would otherwise be skipping. Between arriving in the morning and leaving for lunch and other errands during the day, you may be able to do a decent amount of cardio. You were going to use the stair master at the gym, so you may as well get the same thing done while at work! You can take the stairs two at a time for a little extra oomph.

2. Jumping jacks

Sure, this may work better if you have a private office or cube, but if you can spare a minute to do some jumping jacks every few hours, you’ll be able to burn off some extra calories while barely taking any time away from your work. It’ll be worth the few odd stares from coworkers.

3. Use your chair 

Your desk chair could be a great tool to exercise in the office. One great move is to cross your legs in the chair and grab the armrests to lift yourself up a few inches off of the chair. If you can, hold yourself in the air for at least ten seconds, then take a rest and repeat. This is a great workout for your arms and core muscles.

4. Walk around

Sometimes it's good to get up from your desk every once in a while to walk through the halls. If you have a conference room, take a few laps briskly walking around the table. It's important to get your heart rate pumping and out of the resting phase every so often, as that is shown to decrease the risk of heart disease.