Easy and Delicious Substitutions to Help you Reduce your Sugar Intake

Easy and Delicious Substitutions to Help you Reduce your Sugar Intake

If you are looking to manage your blood glucose levels better, one of the biggest steps to take is avoiding sugary carbohydrates as well as any carbohydrates that are of highly processed origin.

These will instantly break down in the body, releasing glucose rapidly into the blood stream and basically wreak havoc on the diabetic's body.

This said, you cannot go without carbohydrates entirely in your diet or you will be lacking energy to exercise and be robbing yourself of the key nutrients that many carbohydrate dense foods have.

In addition to choosing higher fiber sources of carbohydrates in the diet, you should also be considering what you can do preparation wise to help further slow the release of them into the blood stream.

Most people already know that eating their carbohydrates with a good source of protein along with healthy fats is one of the best ways to blunt the blood glucose response even further, but in addition to that, you should also consider using some cinnamon as well.

Let's look at the benefits of cinnamon on blood glucose levels.

Cinnamon And Insulin Sensitivity

One study, published in the Agricultural Research journal noted that the most active compound found in cinnamon called methylhydroxy chalcone polymer increased glucose metabolism by as much as 20-foold in a test tube assay of fat cells.

They noted that these findings could even provide a natural remedy against diabetes.

Furthermore, they felt that the added antioxidant benefits could also reduce or slow the progression of the related complications that can occur with diabetes, so that too should be taken into account.

Cinnamon And Body Composition

Another interesting finding reported that not only does cinnamon help to improve fasting blood glucose levels, but it may also help to improve body composition in both men and women as well.

One of the hallmark characteristics of those who are suffering from diabetes is that they are overweight, so losing the excess fat is one of the often recommended strategies for managing this condition.

Now it appears cinnamon may help out with that as well. This will not only reduce the risk factors associated with diabetes, but also the risk factors associated with coronary heart disease as well.

So all in all, adding a little cinnamon to your morning meal - or any other meal of the day for that matter may just be one great way to help control your blood glucose levels better and manage the insulin response you get.

Best of all, cinnamon contains no calories either, so it can be added to any diet regardless of the protocol you're following. With a pleasant sweeter taste as well, it could make cutting out the sugar from your diet that much easier.