6 Ways to Trick Yourself Thin

6 Ways to Trick Yourself Thin

"Nothing tastes as good as thin feels." Even though you may have motivational sayings stuck to your refrigerator door, giving in to temptation for even seconds can undo the gains you made during your last sweat session. On top of this, pricey gym memberships and well-publicized "miracle cures" may or may not help lighten you, but they will surely lighten your wallet. You know that losing weight and keeping it off is hard, but you don't have to spend big to lose big. Here are some tricks to get started.

1. Keep your mouth minty

Brush your teeth, suck on a long-lasting cough drop or chew sugar-free gum to prevent snacking. Do your biggest food temptations pare well with mint or menthol? Probably not.

2. Hide your trigger foods

Giving in to temptation typically happens in a moment of weakness, since reaching for foods between meals is often mindless and impulsive. Keep your temptations out of eyesight by hiding them in opaque canisters, on the tip-top shelf or -- better yet -- deep in the freezer. In the latter case, even if you do go digging and emerge with a handful of your child's Halloween chocolate, you'll find it less enticing in its frozen state.

3. Pre-order your doggie bag

You don't have to share the contents of your to-go food with Fido; you simply have to make sure to save it for a future meal. Out of sight, out of mind. Multiple studies have concluded that when diners are presented with larger portions they will eat more of the offerings. When ordering, ask your server to make half of your meal "to-go" before delivering the other half to the table.

4. Go nuts before your meal

Not only are nuts proven to reduce heart disease and cholesterol, but studies show that eating them regularly is unlikely to make you fat and may even help you lose weight. Snack on a small handful of satisfyingly crunchy, nutrient-dense nuts before your meal to eliminate the dangerous "I'm starving…" sensation.

5. Make veggies the entrée and meat the side dish

As the saying goes, "Changing nothing will change nothing." You're probably conditioned to think of animal proteins as your main dish and veggies as complementary sides. Change that thinking pattern, and load your plate with a heaping portion of veggies and a small, complementary side of lean meat. Select a 4-ounce grilled ribeye for 225 calories (the average portion size of a meat entrée ranges from two to eight times larger), but pair it with more than 4 cups of steamed broccoli for the same number of calories.

6. Color your way thin

There's a science to color, and although it's a bit complicated, what you need to know is that gray, black, blue and brown tempers the appetite, while red and yellow rev it up (McDonalds' Ray Krok certainly knew what he was doing). Choose a calming gray or blue palette in your kitchen and dining room to inspire you to savor rather than scarf down your food.

Losing weight is a daunting prospect for many people. If you struggle to make healthy choices and tend to give in to temptation, incorporate these easy tips into your routine. Discover that you can lose weight even without breaking a sweat!