6 Ways To Stop Food Cravings

6 Ways To Stop Food Cravings

Once you have the awareness that food cravings are driving your life, there are decisions to make. You could go on as you are now – with occasional or frequent food cravings that alter your plans, your goals, and your dreams. Food cravings change appetite, which then changes your weight, causing you to purchase larger and larger clothes sizes. How fun is that?

Or you could make a change in another way. You could say to yourself, I’ve had enough of this and don’t want to end up like a lot of other people who continue with food cravings for over 20 years! I want them stopped now.

You can make a commitment, but unless it’s followed up with action, nothing will happen. And the big question is what type of action are you going to take?

Strategies for overcoming food cravings

Below are six actions that can get you started on the path to better health WITHOUT food cravings. You could select one of them or all of them; the point is they provide you with a plan.

1. Get an accountability buddy

Psychologists have reported that people who tend to eat large portions of unhealthy foods stop eating those foods when others come into the room where they are.

What this tells us is that if there’s no one you are accountable to, it’s far too easy to ‘feed’ your food craving habit. By getting an accountability buddy, you can stop this negative psychological influence on your cravings.

An Accountability Buddy is someone you trust, someone who won’t necessarily ‘beat you up’ psychologically when you slip up, and someone who can make the process a fun one. Who do you have that fits this description right now?

2. Get a nutrition coach

A nutrition coach is different than an Accountability Buddy. A nutrition coach is checking you for your food consumption patterns and nutrient intake. The fact is that if you consume all the right nutrients, your food cravings will dwindle remarkably. For example, a chromium deficiency, zinc deficiency or a B vitamin deficiency will cause food cravings.

But if your clinical nutritionist has already balanced out your nutrient needs, then there is less reason for food cravings to exist.

3. Set your mind on one goal – A day without food cravings

With food cravings, it’s easy to be double-minded. You might feel strong in the morning when you first awaken, but once you get to work, you see the bowl of candy and give in. The psychological reasoning you use could be any of these thoughts:

• One won’t hurt me.

• I deserve a reward.

• No one will see me.

• I made a commitment but knew from the start that there would be times where I would fail.

• The candy is a new variety and as a candy connoisseur, I have to give an opinion.

• The candy is organic chocolate. It can’t hurt.

Do you see how each one of these undermines your efforts and your commitment to stay on track? By thinking that one won’t hurt you and thinking no one will see you, you have two goals, not one. One goal is to sneak food. By thinking you deserve a reward, you are rewarding yourself for failing. By knowing you would fail, your mind sees two possible actions, not one. You are double-minded.

By thinking of yourself as a connoisseur of candy, there’s a psychological disconnect with your goal. And by telling yourself that the ingredients are organic and good for you, you are devaluing your goal and are double-minded.

Set your mind on one goal.

4. Use the herb Gymnema in liquid form

Liquid extracts of Gymnema will immediately stop food from tasting sweet. Try it!

5. Change what’s in your meals

By eating more protein in your meals, you will naturally eat fewer foods that are sweet or foods you don’t want to eat.

6. Eat more vegetables

Vegetables turn off your appetite for foods you shouldn’t be eating.


You do have solutions. Try them today.