6 Items Every Diabetic Needs in Their Kitchen

6 Items Every Diabetic Needs in Their Kitchen

When you are diabetic, one of the best ways to stay healthy and in control of what you eat is to stock your kitchen with the necessary cooking utensils and ingredients. This prep work helps you stay on track and lessens the temptation to eat out, so you can avoid restaurant meals that are high in calories, unhealthy fats, and sodium. Here are six essential items every diabetic needs in their kitchen.

1. Cookbooks

You need at least one diabetic-friendly cookbook in your kitchen. Feel free to get as general or as specialized as you like. For example, lovers of Italian cuisine may find interest in The Italian Diabetes Cookbook by Amy Riolo. She also wrote The Mediterranean Diabetes Cookbook. A good general cookbook is Diabetes Meals by the Plate: 90 Low-Carb Meals to Mix & Match by the editors of Diabetic Living. These folks also have other cookbooks, including Diabetic Slow Cooker.

2. Recipe organizers

Recipe organizers, also called recipe books and recipe binders, enable you to collect your favorite recipes and stow them in one place. Whether you write your recipes by hand, print them from the Internet, or both, you can make your own organizer or choose from a wide variety of recipe binders online or at brick-and-mortar stores alike.

3. Kitchen scale

Kitchen scales are your ally in making sure you eat the proper portion sizes. You can buy them practically anywhere and with any budget. Don't worry about the type of kitchen scale you have, whether it is electric or battery-operated. Just make sure you have one. You may find it more convenient to use a scale with a tare feature, which enables you to weigh multiple items at the same time, such as low-calorie sweetener and the bowl holding the sweetener.

4. General measurement tools

Any diabetic-friendly kitchen must have measuring utensils such as measuring cups, measuring spoons, and measuring scoops. They're critical for portion control.

5. Low-calorie sweeteners

Low-calorie sweeteners are popular additions to many beverages, desserts and fruit dishes. Products that the Food and Drug Administration says are safe for consumption include Nutrasweet, Equal, Sweet'N Low, Truvia, and Splenda.

6. Spices

Oregano, curry, garlic powder, and other spices are excellent ways to keep your meals exciting, flavorful, and healthy. Do remember to avoid spices that contain salt.

Kitchen planning tips for diabetics

The above six items are must-haves in any kitchen for diabetics. But to ensure your kitchen stays friendly and also useful, keep the following tips in mind in addition:

  • Stock up on beans. Whether kidney, pinto, black, or something else, beans are versatile cooking options and excellent for controlling blood sugar.
  • Use whiteboards in menu planning. Whether you prefer to cook a week's worth of meals in advance or to cook every day, whiteboards help plan your meals, grocery shopping, and scheduling.
  • Buy at least a few food storage containers. That way, you can cook lots of food in advance, and store it in your refrigerator to eat later in the week. Leftovers are a great way to keep up the healthy eating.
  • Use steamer baskets and vegetable peelers to help prepare your veggies.


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