5 Ways B Vitamins Help You Lose Weight

5 Ways B Vitamins Help You Lose Weight

If you’re tired, depressed, nervous or irritable during your weight loss, you may need a B complex vitamin for a boost. B vitamin deficiencies are widespread for several reasons. The consumption of sugar is one of them. Sugar destroys B vitamins in the body.

A second reason is that processed foods have been stripped of B vitamins. Even though some food manufacturers may replace some of the B vitamins, they don’t  replace them all. Whatever is missing then ends up going into a deficiency status. Caffeine destroys the B vitamin thiamine. Alcohol destroys several B vitamins. And during pregnancy or times of stress, your body needs more.

Symptoms of a deficiency include eyes that burn, dry eyes, skin disorders, nausea and vomiting, and oiliness in the T- zone of the face.

Other symptoms include hair loss, acne, gray hair, anemia, cataracts, constipation, burning feet, skin issues, poor appetite, suicidal tendencies, cracks in the corners of the mouth and chapped lips.

Now that you know B vitamins are so necessary for your survival, how do they help you specifically with weight loss? There are five ways:

1. B vitamins provide you with energy.

Almost everyone who has a lack of energy feels a burst of energy after taking a liquid B complex supplement.

2. B vitamins help your body break down carbohydrates.

There are many people who seem to just look at a carbohydrate and gain weight. Some of them may be carbohydrate intolerant because they are low in B vitamins.

3. The breakdown of fats and proteins needs B vitamins.

You know you need water to break down fat. But did you also know you need B vitamins, too?  B vitamins provide cofactors used in the specific biochemical reactions in the breakdown of fats and proteins in the body.

4. Your nervous system needs B vitamins – and weight loss is stressful.

When you can support your nervous system with plenty of B vitamins, life is a lot less stressful. For example, 500 mg pantothenic acid will take someone who is totally stressed out to a calm pussy cat state within a few days.

5. Muscle tone in the digestive system depends on B vitamins.

Constipation on a diet can make you miserable. Sometimes, the constipation is due to a B vitamin deficiency.  In fact, a thiamine deficiency produces a classic deficiency sign of constipation. You can’t lose weight if you’re constipated.

The key to a good B vitamin status is eating plenty of high-quality proteins such as meats, dairy products, and vegetables. By taking a B-complex vitamin daily while dieting, you can also make sure you are at least getting what your body needs. This can go a long way in your compliance for your diet – and further your weight loss.