5 Things that Ruin Your Salad

5 Things that Ruin Your Salad

If you are trying to eat healthy, chances are that you have a significant amount of salad in your diet. And that is great – salad is delicious, nutritious, and low in calories. As long as you include the right things, that is.

Many people have good intentions when making a salad but end up including food that takes away from the health benefits of a salad. These unwitting dieters are sabotaging their salad without even realizing that they are no longer eating healthy. If you are on a diet, you want to see results. So next time you make a salad, avoid including these items to get the healthiest salad possible.

Iceberg lettuce: Iceberg lettuce is great for giving your salad a nice crunch, but not so much for giving it much nutrition. There is little source of vitamins and minerals in iceberg lettuce, and the flavor is not very strong either. A good source of water and not much else, darker leaves of lettuce such as spinach or arugula is a way better choice to improve the nutrition of your salad.

The wrong dressing: The wrong dressing can absolutely kill a salad, as many dressing are high in calories and fat content. Many creamy dressings such as ranch and blue cheese dressings have nearly no nutritional value and add a ton of unnecessary calories to your salad. A healthy dressing alternative is balsamic vinegar and a bit of olive oil. Don’t kill your healthy choice of a salad by picking an extremely unhealthy dressing.

Cheese: Sure, adding cheese generally makes things extra delicious and has plenty of health benefits as well. But too much cheese can ruin a good salad. Just add a little bit of cheese to your salad to get a good source of calcium and protein while not going overboard with the sodium and saturated fat.

Fried protein: A good salad always has a solid helping of protein, such as grilled chicken or shrimp. But once you fry that protein, you are throwing much of the benefits of the protein out the window. You are adding a ton of calories to a salad that would be just as good if the chicken was grilled instead of fried. A good protein option includes grilled chicken, egg whites, and shrimp.

Croutons: Croutons give your salad a nice crunch, but they really don’t add much more than that. They don’t have much nutritional value and often are loaded with calories and processed ingredients. If you are looking for a crunch in your salad try adding walnuts or flax seeds instead.

Most healthy diets have a significant helping of salad. But it is easy for that salad to sabotage your healthy lifestyle if you put the wrong things into it. Know what goes well in a salad and what will totally negate the benefits of the salad. Salads are great – as long as you know what to include.