5 Easy Healthy Dessert Options

5 Easy Healthy Dessert Options

After a nice dinner, as you sit down to digest, your sweet tooth always kicks in. Now that the main course is done with, it’s time to follow it up with some delicious dessert. Of course, for the health conscious among us, dessert can be a treacherous proposition. The allure of a sweet dessert is tough to overcome, even if you are watching what you eat. All it takes is one moment of weakness indulging in dessert to ruin a day of healthy eating.

There are ways, however, to satisfy that sweet tooth and stay the course on your diet. You don’t need to eat something high in fat and calories to get a delicious dessert. Check out these options for a healthy dessert to follow up any meal.

1. Pudding

A classic of many childhood lunchboxes, pudding is a great choice to have dessert without overloading on calories. A serving of sugar-free Jell-O pudding only has 60 calories, which is a steal to get rid of those chocolate cravings. The key here is to eat in moderation; 60 calories is great for one serving but if you keep taking spoonful after spoonful those calories will add up into an unhealthy dessert.

2. Sorbet

If you find yourself craving a late night bowl of ice cream, consider reaching for a bowl of sorbet as a healthier substitute. You will get a similar taste and consistency as ice cream without the similar calorie content. There are tons of difference flavors, just like ice cream, and you can jazz up your sorbet by adding fruits such as blueberries or strawberries. With approximately 150 calories or less, sorbet is a great way to get your ice cream fix while sticking to your healthy eating habits.

3. Smoothies

Nothing hits the spot quite like a thick milkshake after a delicious meal, especially in the summer time. But that milkshake will go right to your gut if you aren’t careful. A great alternative to milkshakes are smoothies, which you can easily make right at home. Fruit smoothies are packed with nutrients and low in calories, and you can make them thick like a milkshake by simply adding some yogurt or protein powder.

4. Parfait

You don’t need to limit yogurt to breakfast. You can make a healthy parfait by grabbing some yogurt, fruit, and granola and either mixing them into a cup or layering them to get one delicious ingredient at a time. You control the contents so you know that you’ll get everything you like. The nutritional value of parfaits is also outstanding, considering the fruit and yogurt you decide to include.

5. Popsicles

No, we aren’t talking pre-packaged pops that are loaded with sugar. You can make your own popsicles by putting fruit juice in a cup and sticking it in the freezer with a popsicle stick. You can even add bits of fruit in the actual pop if you desire. There are plenty of healthy popsicles available at your local grocery store or health food supermarket as well – just look at the label to be sure that they are not packed with sugar.