4 Common Reversible Diabetic Health Issues

4 Common Reversible Diabetic Health Issues

Type 2 Diabetes doesn’t have to be a permanent health problem in your life. It can be an illness that surfaces for a short while and then is gone. While you are working towards this goal, there are often other health issues that crop up that also must be reversed. Below is a list of four of them and how they are reversed in the alternative, natural healing field.

1. Infections That Could Lead to an Amputation

Infections may be difficult to treat in the medical world, but when old-time wisdom about what to do about infections is used, they are stopped dead in their tracks and the fear of amputation is removed.

Long before antibiotics came out, herbs and plants were used successfully. For example, the military used charcoal powder as a way to cleanse wounds and prevent blood poisoning. This method has been abandoned in favor of ‘modern day’ antibiotics that seem to breed antibiotic resistance. Yet no microbe has ever become immune to charcoal.

Often diabetics who use these methods have a complete paradigm shift to “I see how easy it is to take a few steps on my own that will nip these infections in the bud.” Work with an experienced herbalist to find out what will work to reverse your infections.

2. Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is made out to be a real beast to treat, but there are a few things to know if you want to reverse it. The first is that it’s possible the Metformin caused your neuropathy. Metformin induces a vitamin B12 deficiency, which notoriously leads to peripheral neuropathy. Thus, taking steps to have your doctor regularly test your vitamin B12 levels could reverse your peripheral neuropathy.

Chiropractors with advanced training now have a new way they use to treat and reverse peripheral neuropathy. What they use depends on the chiropractor’s choices, but often supplements such as CoQ10 and lipoic acid are in the program. These supplements oxygenate the body, provide antioxidant types of effects, and also increase energy levels. Chiropractors may also use cold lasers to stimulate the regeneration of the nerves as well. Their program usually takes about 6 to 8 weeks.

3. Obesity / Overweight

Reducing your weight by 10 to 20 pounds improves insulin resistance amazingly, and blood sugar levels start falling down towards normal. In many cases, the Type 2 diabetes will actually be reversed when body weight hits ideal levels.

Now there are many herbs that help stop food cravings if food cravings are what’s keeping you from your ideal body weight. There are also effective programs that you could choose that last 30 to 60 days and take off up to a pound a day safely. You’ll have to definitely restructure your thinking about how you eat, but you can expect results.

Two of these programs are juice fasting and intermittent fasting. Both of these allow you to return to ‘normal’ eating afterward; however, your stomach will have shrunk and you won’t feel like eating as much food as before. Also, you will notice that you want to eat a healthier diet.

4. Cataract Problems and Macular Degeneration

Vision disorders occur for two primary reasons – high levels of blood sugar, which cause cataracts; and lack of essential vitamins and minerals, which are linked to macular degeneration.

A Russian scientist discovered that NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) put in eye drops form peeled the cataract right off the lens of the eye. He proved it with dogs at first and then with people. You’ll have to search online for the original formula – and every bit of research you do will fill in all the details of this method.

Reversing vitamin and mineral deficiencies is another way to reverse vision disorders. Let’s face it – not many of us eat five fruits and five vegetables a day – and probably never will. And since the soil is much more depleted of nutrients now than ever, even if we did eat them, we would still not get enough. When you have any type of illness, your body’s requirements for certain vitamins and minerals rises dramatically – another reason why it’s possible that nutrient deficiencies are causing your macular degeneration.

The solution is to schedule an appointment with a health practitioner who can help you identify what nutrients are low, develop a plan of supplements that will raise the levels and recheck you from time to time to make sure you’re on track. Your eyes – like every other part of your body – will heal.