4 Exercise Tips to Keep Type 2 Diabetes Under Control

4 Exercise Tips to Keep Type 2 Diabetes Under Control

You probably already known that daily exercise is a good way to keep type 2 diabetes under control. Putting that knowledge to use, however, is another story. With all the pressures of work and family life, it's easy to fall out of the exercise habit. Use these four exercise tips to stay motivated and reach your fitness goals so you can keep your type II diabetes under control.

1. Use a pedometer to reach daily walking goals

Pedometers have become a popular way for people to track the number of steps they take each day. Use this tool successfully by setting reasonable goals that will improve your fitness. The more exercise you get from a low-impact workout like walking, the easier it is to control your blood sugar.

Using a pedometer is also a good exercise option for people who aren't ready, or healthy enough, to commit to a strenuous plan that includes running, biking or lifting weights.

Before you set a daily walking goal, use your pedometer to find out how much you already walk. Once you have a good estimate, try to add 1,000 steps to that number. When you feel ready, add another 1,000 steps to your daily goal. Keep increasing your steps until you reach 10,000 per day.

2. Get motivation from an exercise class

Motivation is one of the hardest things about exercise. Spending an hour at the gym will make you feel physically and emotionally healthier, but it's still difficult to make yourself go even when the results are worth the effort.

If you have a hard time making yourself follow an exercise schedule, try joining a class that meets a few times each week. Introduce yourself to other class members and form relationships with them. Perhaps you can all go out for a healthy meal after one class per week.

By developing social ties with the rest of the class, you'll feel more motivated to attend.

3. Use social media to make exercise fun

You don't necessarily have to join an exercise class to stay motivated. If you prefer working out alone, then you might want to join a social media site that will make exercise more fun.

The advantage of using social media is that you can get advice and pep talks from people just like you. Plus, social media can be addicting, so you'll want to keep using it.

Some social media sites that might work for you include:

  • Fitocracy
  • Spark People
  • Traineo
  • My Yoga

Each site takes a different approach to making exercise fun and social, so review your options before you make a commitment.